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How I Can Help You Reach Your Goals

I can get you off that diet rollercoaster and teach you how to eat for a lifetime, lose weight and feel comfortable in your skin again.  

You'll benefit from my 24 years of experience working with a wide variety of clients from athletes to the sedentary.

And, I know from personal experience what it's like to return to a fitness routine and lose weight after having undergone my own knee injury and surgery.  I can empathize with my clients in a whole new way after gaining weight and then losing 28 pounds.  

Personalized nutrition coaching is an important component that I provide.  We deal not just with what to eat and when but WHY you eat the way you do. We'll heal your relationship with food.  Fueling your body well is a key to feeling good, reaching your goals, and longevity.

My programs also include coaching on proper sleep, recovery, hormone balancing and mental health-things often overlooked by other programs.


Melissa has been on my fitness journey since 2018, after having my first child. I say journey because fitness for me is a lifestyle not just a quick fix. As a college athlete and Active Duty Service Member I was having difficulty losing baby weight from my first child at the age of 38. Melissa’s TRX classes made me love working out and being active again. I continued to make strives with her classes. Then arrives pregnancy number two. Due to my fitness level, I was able to continue to train with Melissa until I was at 34 weeks in my pregnancy. After delivering at 36 weeks, I was back to TRX at day 7 post-delivery. Oh, I am 40 at this time. I then decided to take Melissa on as a Personal Trainer, and train with her twice a week. I continued to take her TRX and Cycle classes as well. I can say that her motivational skills and support are unprecedented. She knows exactly when to push and when not to push. I am now 11 months post-partum and have lost 70 pounds. I am still on my fitness journey and am extremely excited to have Melissa by my side to my ultimate goal.

Brandi B.


Who I Am


I've been a multi-sport athlete in the past and continue to live a very active lifestyle.  I love to hike, ski, cycle, golf, lift weights, practice yoga, and do a variety of workouts. 

I also know what it's like to struggle with a poor self image that led to an unhealthy relationship with food. For many years, I labeled foods as good or bad and would over-exercise until I realized that what I was doing was unhealthy.  Through my journey I learned to help others with these challenges, which is life-changing for my clients.

One of my passions is traveling.  I love visiting new places all over the world, enjoying the culture, the food and the people. I want to stay as fit as possible as I age so that I can enjoy traveling for a long time.

I am married and have 2 beautiful Japanese Shiba Inu dogs. 

My Master's Degree is in Health Promotion and I have a BS in Athletic Training/Exercise Science.  My national certifications include Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA), Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM), Arthritis Fitness Specialist (MedFit), Group Exercise Instructor (ACE), TRX Force Level 2 Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor (Schwinn) and I am a retired Certified Athletic Trainer (NATA).

Member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, NSCA, and MedFit Network.


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